Smoothies For Weight Loss


Everything you want to know about losing weight with smoothies

With smoothies, you can lose up to 2 kilos per week in a healthy way (even more in the first two weeks). Using slimming smoothies that you consume as a meal will help you stay full for longer while consuming fewer calories.

Note: Not all smoothie recipes you find on the internet are healthy. Some smoothies are difficult to digest or contain too much fructose (fruit sugar), which can cause excess belly fat. Therefore, read this article carefully and be assured of a healthy, slim smoothie.

Lose weight without hunger with smoothies

Many people think that a smoothie diet will make you hungry, but that won’t happen if it were up to us. A diet that leaves you starving is unpleasant and doomed to failure. If you experience a lot of hunger during a smoothie diet, this is a sign that you are getting too little or the wrong food.

The Problems of Most Smoothie Diets

Many smoothie diets are so-called crash diets: you consume less than 1300 calories daily so that you lose weight temporarily and quickly, but you are very hungry. It is unhealthy for your body because your organs do not receive enough energy and nutrients. You also do not maintain such a diet for long.

The body adapts to this low-calorie intake, which makes you feel lethargic and the weight loss comes to a halt after a while – despite all your efforts. When you eat more, you will gain weight quickly, because your body has been deficient so much.

By replacing meals with smoothies you can lose a lot of calories. A smoothie consisting of 1 banana, a handful of strawberries and some milk is by no means complete as a meal replacement.

In addition, with many smoothie diets, you are deficient in essential and satiating nutrition. The smoothies usually contain some fruit and only a little bit of vegetables, and contain very little complex carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats.

In short: by indiscriminately replacing meals with smoothies, weight loss can come to a halt. You may also experience a sluggish feeling because you are not getting enough nutrients.

The solution: healthy and satisfying smoothies

You can make the healthiest snacks and meals out of smoothies because you only use pure ingredients: raw vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, and oatmeal.

With a healthy smoothie diet where you get all the nutrients you will lose weight quickly and healthily, you will lose belly fat and you will feel comfortable.

How can you lose weight with smoothies?

You can lose weight with the help of smoothies by replacing two meals a day with a healthy green smoothie. It is important that the smoothie contains enough nutrients so that your body gets all the vitamins and minerals it needs.

For a smoothie to be a full meal, it must contain the following:

  • Vitamins: fruits and vegetables
  • Complex carbohydrates: vegetables and oatmeal
  • Healthy fats: nuts, seeds, and nut butters
  • Proteins: nuts, seeds, and oatmeal
  • Fiber: vegetables, oatmeal, and seeds

A full-fledged smoothie, in which all the above food groups have been processed, can look like this:

100-200 grams of vegetables – 2 pieces of fruit – 1 handful of nuts – 1 tablespoon of seeds – 2 tablespoons of oatmeal – 200 ml of water

That can translate into the following smoothie:

50 grams spinach – 50 grams zucchini – 1 banana – 100 grams blueberries – 15 grams pistachios – 10 grams hemp seed – 20 grams oatmeal – 200 ml water

Compared to a standard lunch consisting of 3 sandwiches with low-fat margarine, cheese, cold meats, and chocolate sprinkles + 1 apple, the slimming smoothie is a healthier lunch. It’s lower in calories and keeps you fuller for longer at the same time. The table below shows how this can be done:

slimming smoothie Standard lunch
Calories 423 591
carbohydrates 54 76
fats 14 22
   of which saturated 1 8
Protein 14 16
Fibers 19 7
Weight in grams 665 375

Fewer calories and satiated longer

A slimming smoothie quickly contains 200-300  calories less than a standard lunch of sandwiches. A 384 calorie smoothie may sound like a lot, but do you realize that this smoothie replaces a meal.

It will keep you full for a long time, much longer than a regular fruit smoothie and most likely longer than your standard sandwich lunch.

The above slimming smoothie weighs 665 grams: this is more than half a liter and more than fits in a water bottle. The standard lunch of sandwiches weighs only 375 grams, while it contains more calories. The slimming smoothie is also healthier because of all the pure ingredients it contains.

The slimming smoothie can even be so big that you can’t eat it in one sitting. You can then choose to drink half of it later.

Help, I’m still not satisfied!

If you still have the feeling that you are not getting a full meal with a smoothie, it may be because you are drinking it. Your brain then does not receive a signal that you are taking in food.

You can fool your brain by eating your smoothie so that the signal does get through. Follow these steps to make an edible instead of a drinkable smoothie:

  1. Put less water in the blender: this will make your smoothie thicker
  2. Pour your smoothie into a bowl instead of a glass
  3. Eat your smoothie with a spoon. So it looks like you are eating a cold ‘soup’.

The 3 most important tips to lose weight with smoothies

Tip 1: Drink slowly

The most important thing to feel full is to drink or eat your smoothie slowly. Your body needs time to register that you are ingesting food: your brain only receives this signal after about 20 minutes. So don’t empty your smoothie in one go, but take a sip every now and then.

Tip 2: Process a lot of vegetables in your smoothie

Vegetables are full of vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants, and contain hardly any calories. The more vegetables you use in a smoothie, the better. The smoothie gets bigger and healthier the more vegetables you add. It is important that the smoothie remains tasty so that you also enjoy drinking it.

Tip 3: Be economical with fruit and extra sweeteners

There are many smoothie recipes on the internet that are actually very unhealthy. In particular, they contain too much fruit and sweeteners. Sometimes you come across smoothies that contain three pieces of fruit, or fruit smoothies are supplemented with extra sugar or honey.

While it’s important that your smoothie tastes good, it’s also supposed to help you lose weight, not counteract it.

Smoothies and your blood sugar level

The sweeter your smoothie, the higher the peak (and therefore the drop) in your blood sugar level will be. The peak ensures that a lot of insulin is produced, which releases the sugars into the cells. This is necessary to give your body the energy it needs.

If you eat more sugars than your body needs and can store, the excess sugars are converted into fat tissue.

In short: the sweeter your smoothie = the more sugar = the more likely you are to produce fat.

The drop in your blood sugar level makes you hungry again. It is extremely difficult to ignore this feeling and there is a high chance that you will reach for an unhealthy snack or overeat yourself. Conclusion: make a tasty smoothie, but don’t make it too sweet.

Do you find it difficult to drink a less sweet smoothie? Which can. We have become so used to sweet food that less sweet products quickly taste ‘dirty’. If you experience this too, you can gradually make the smoothie less sweet. Even if it’s just half a teaspoon of honey or a quarter of a banana at a time, any progress is positive!

Ensure the right smoothie with the free Smoothie Shopping List

In this article, you have been able to read that you can lose weight with smoothies in a healthy and fun way. Below is a brief summary of all the points:

  • Most smoothie diets contain too few nutrients and the wrong ingredients: we do it differently
  • You won’t go hungry with healthy slimming smoothies
  • Meal replacement slimming smoothies are healthier than a standard lunch and contain fewer calories

In addition, some tips:

  1. Drink or eat your smoothie slowly: this keeps you satiated longer
  2. Process as many vegetables as possible in your smoothie
  3. Do not add too much fruit or sweeteners

We are happy to help you lose weight with smoothies, and that is why we offer you our free Smoothie Shopping List. In the Smoothie Shopping List you will find an extensive shopping list with which you can make healthy smoothie combinations yourself.

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