Lose weight with (Green) Smoothies? 5 Benefits + 6 Smoothie Recipes


We all want that tight tummy and that beautiful figure. To achieve this, you can of course do a lot of things, one of which is daily exercise.

Sport is essential for a healthy body. But of course, it all starts with the right nutrition. Even if you eat healthily, it does not mean that you will lose weight.

So what can you do?

Eating less does not automatically lead to less weight

Fat is excess and unnecessary energy that has been stored and has yet to be burned. Eating little and exercising a lot will not make you lose weight. Maybe in the short term, but as soon as you keep it up for a longer period of time, it will result in a constant feeling of hunger. This eventually leads to “binge eating”, in which you eat everything you can find, usually fatty things and/or with a lot of sugars. Certainly not the best way to get a flat stomach.

In addition to feeling hungry, your body also receives a signal that it needs to store extra energy. Your body will be more economical with the nutrients it does get. So you will develop more body fats and burn less. This in turn can lead to lethargy, making you less inclined to move and more eager to eat. So you end up in a vicious circle with which you achieve the opposite of what you actually want.

It is therefore important that you continue to eat enough. And preferably not in large quantities. It is better to eat small amounts throughout the day so that your digestion continues and your stomach does not get used to large amounts of food at once.

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Lose weight with smoothies

Smoothies are great for weight loss because you have control over the ingredients. They are perfect for combining low calorie products with nutritious products. The best thing about this is that they ensure that you keep feeling full for a long time.

When you combine the right ingredients, you can make smoothies that taste fantastic and also help you lose weight. They are very suitable as an addition to your breakfast and as a snack. Instead of normally drinking a glass of soda and eating chips or a cookie, you now have something healthy that is also tasty! Below you can read the five biggest benefits of drinking smoothies.

Enjoy the tastiest smoothies and lose weight fast!

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1. They are very very healthy

You simply get a lot of the necessary vitamins when drinking fresh smoothies. This makes them a good addition to your normal diet. The vitamins ensure that your health improves and you feel better about yourself. After all, it is better to eat more fruit and vegetables than less. People who eat more fruit and vegetables are generally a lot healthier and feel better as a result.

Most people eat too little fruit and vegetables, they are nowhere near the recommended amount per day. For this reason, quite a lot of people seek refuge in smoothies. They usually opt for jars and cans of concentrated and pureed fruits because it’s cheap and convenient. Of course, it is better to just use fresh fruit. Even if you don’t like fruit and/or vegetables, smoothies can also offer a solution.

2. They are varied

You can make it as crazy or as simple as you want. You can make a green smoothie with only vegetables, a very sweet one with strawberries, or a sour one with berries. You can combine the craziest things and try everything. And it always stays healthy – as long as you don’t add a lot of sugar. All variations are possible, as long as you put it in the blender or juicer.

3. They are easy to make

No matter how crazy you are, all you have to do is throw it together in the blender or juicer. Well, okay, maybe not quite. It depends on what kind of centrifuge you have. In some blenders, you can just throw a whole apple and it will take out the seeds itself, but with others, you will have to take out the usable parts yourself. Yet it remains a task that a child can in principle do.

4. They Are Nutritious

A good smoothie contains many nutrients and vitamins. That is why they will also satisfy your hunger for a very long time, so that you are less likely to reach for unhealthy snacks. Moreover, we can then immediately go back to the part that they are healthy. Anyway; they will fill your stomach without being very high in calories.

In addition, they also contain a lot of moisture and this is essential if you are trying to lose weight. The water makes you feel full without anything else in it. And most people drink too little anyway, so that is also supplemented by drinking smoothies.

5. And of course they are just really tasty!

Whatever you make of it, even if you don’t like fruits and vegetables, smoothies are also just very tasty. You can make them exactly the way you want and still be very healthy and nutritious. A smoothie is at least as tasty as a piece of chocolate or half a bag of chips, and you don’t have that dirty full feeling you have after eating something unhealthy. So choose a tasty smoothie and be healthy!

There are also more benefits, find here 10 benefits of losing weight with green smoothies.

Which ingredients are best to put in a smoothie?

This is completely up to you, but we do have some tips and six delicious dishes related to the green smoothie: the smoothie that consists of vegetables. We start with the individual ingredients and then we have listed the six dishes so that you can get started.

Sure, most fruits and vegetables are just plain healthy, but some will help you lose weight better than others. And we have listed exactly these below:

Avocado: Avocado makes the smoothie thicker, but also makes the smoothie creamier. They contain healthy fat, which will keep you full until your next meal. In addition, they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, and on top of that, they are also incredibly tasty.

Berries: All kinds of berries out there; blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries. They give the smoothie a lot of flavor without being exceptionally high in sugars. They are also rich in fiber, which most fruits are not. Fiber is what most people miss in a smoothie diet. Besides the fact that fiber is necessary for the proper functioning of the intestines, they also ensure a full stomach. Berries also contain antioxidants that are good for overall health.

Chili Pepper: This may seem like a strange suggestion, but this pepper will give an incredible boost to your smoothie as well as your weight loss potential. If you use this pepper in your breakfast smoothie, it will work your stomach and ensure that less fat and carbohydrates are retained later in the day. The pepper will also increase your appetite, but will not make you feel hungry.

Chia seeds: seeds from a plant related to the mint plant. These seeds are often purely natural and are rich in fiber, omega-3 fats, minerals, and proteins. As a result, they are not only very healthy and nutritious, they also make you feel full for a long time. They also add to the creaminess of the smoothie, because they turn into a kind of gel when they come into contact with water.

Cinnamon: This spice is important for regulating blood sugar and speeding up metabolism, which you naturally want if you’re trying to lose weight. This results in a reduction in the amount of excess blood glucose that can be stored as fat.

Coconut Oil:   This is a very important ingredient because the dominant fats in coconut oil are used by the body as energy instead of storing it as fat. This fat also makes you feel full, energetic, and good. Go for organic coconut oil for your smoothies and your internal consumption.

6 Smoothies Recipes To Lose Weight

1. Spinach banana pineapple coconut milk smoothie


  • 100 grams spinach
  • One half banana
  • 125 grams of fresh pineapple
  • 50 ml coconut milk
  • 100ml water

Pour 100 ml coconut milk into a glass and top it up with water. Put this in the blender. Then add the spinach. Sometimes it can be useful to add half of the spinach first and blend it first and then add the next half. Peel the banana and add half to the spinach. Then add the pineapple. Turn on the blender and blend it all into a smooth green smoothie. And tadaa! Your first green smoothie.

2. Cucumber banana pineapple smoothie


  • One half cucumber
  • One half banana
  • 125 grams of pineapple
  • 50ml water

Cut the cucumber into large pieces and put it in the blender. Peel the banana. Break it in half and add half to the cucumber. Add the 250 grams of pineapple together with the water. Blend the whole into a smooth green smoothie. And your smoothie is ready! You can of course supplement this with one of the herbs in the list of the ingredients mentioned above.

3. Tomato bell pepper smoothie


  • One half bell pepper
  • two tomatoes
  • One half small red onion
  • One-half cube of vegetable stock
  • One pinch of thyme
  • One teaspoon of olive oil
  • pinch of pepper
  • 50ml water

Cut the tomatoes in half and remove the crown. Put the tomatoes in the blender. Cut the bell pepper in half and remove the seeds. Cut the bell pepper into large pieces and put it in the blender as well. Clean the small red onion and add half of it. Halve the stock cube and add half a cube to the tomato and bell pepper. Add a pinch of dried thyme and a teaspoon of olive oil. Add a little bit of pepper. Finally, add the water and blend into a smooth green smoothie. And your savory tomato pepper smoothie is ready!

4. Cucumber Banana Plum Smoothie


  • One half cucumber
  • One half banana
  • two plums
  • 25ml water

Cut the cucumber half into thick slices and put it in the blender. Peel the banana and break it in half, add one half to the cucumber. Cut the plums in half and remove the pit. They do not need to be peeled. Add the plum pulp to the cucumber and banana. Add a little water. Turn on the blender and blend it all into a smooth green smoothie. You can also add herbs to this smoothie.

5. Forest fruit smoothie


  • One half zucchini
  • One half avocado
  • 125 grams of forest fruit mix
  • One-quarter teaspoon grated ginger
  • One cm vanilla pod, the seeds
  • 50ml water

First, put the medjoul together with the water in the blender. Turn on the blender so that the medjoul dates are chopped into very small pieces. Cut one cm of the vanilla pod lengthwise and scrape out the seeds. Place the seeds in the blender. Cut the zucchini into thick slices and put half of this in the blender as well. Cut the avocado in half, remove the pit and scoop out the flesh from the skin. Add the avocado flesh to the zucchini. Add the 125 grams of forest fruit mix. Then grate the fresh ginger until you have a quarter teaspoon of grated ginger. Add this last. Turn on the blender and blend it all into a smooth green smoothie.

6. Beet avocado apple lime smoothie


  • 125 grams of precooked beetroot
  • One half avocado
  • One small sweet apple, Elstar
  • One lime, the juice
  • Fifty milliliters of water
  • Two teaspoons of cinnamon

Cut the avocado in half and remove the pit. Spoon the pulp from the skin and add it to the beetroot. Then cut the small Elstar apple into wedges. Remove the core. Also add the apple to the beetroot and avocado. Add the cinnamon. Then squeeze the lime over the blender.

I do that by cutting the lime in half and then squeezing it. You can of course also use a citrus press. Finally, add the water. Turn on the blender and blend it all into an even beetroot avocado apple lime smoothie

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