How can I reduce my belly fat in 7 days?


Belly fat is the formation of accumulated fat that creates a layer of fat under the skin of the abdomen, causing unsightly and low self-esteem in both men and women. Maybe you have an important party in a week and you want to dress up in your favorite clothes but your belly fat won’t let you do that. Belly fat formation is a sign of cardiovascular diseases, so how to lose belly fat in a short time? The following I will guide how to reduce belly fat quickly after 7 days with unexpected results.

So what are the ways to lose belly fat fast in 7 days?

There are thousands of ways to lose belly fat, but to lose fat quickly and quickly in just 7 days, we have summarized the following ways.

Diet causes excess fat gain

Diet is the leading cause for the development of belly fat, exercising with an inappropriate diet not only will not help you lose weight but also has a high chance of becoming obese.

1. So what foods should you avoid?


The first is sugar, there are many types of sugar including sugar taken from sugarcane, sugar in honey, sugar even in foods that don’t taste sweet, sugar is a natural ingredient found in starchy foods. flours such as rice, potatoes, carrots, tubers… You should reduce most of the sugary foods and replace them with foods such as green vegetables, fruits. Say no to sugar and sweets and you will lose excess fat.

High-calorie drinks:

If you didn’t know that most soft drinks and bottled water contain a certain number of calories. Should remove carbonated drinks, soft drinks from your hair-level weight loss diet.

Pre-packaged canned food:

Almost all canned foods are delicious, but they also carry a large amount of fat, preservatives, and salt in prepackaged foods that are not good for health. At this time, you should buy fresh green vegetables and fruits to prepare yourself, which is the best way to lose weight.


The fats that we absorb usually come from plants and animal fats. Animal fats are more dangerous than plant-based fats because their absorption causes bad cardiovascular risks, makes breathing difficult, and increases your belly fat. Strongly reducing foods with animal fats and absorbing vegetable fats appropriately will improve your health and no excess fat.

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2. Foods that burn fat


As a spice that helps stimulate the taste of your meal, chili peppers are also hot to help burn a part of the fat in your body.


Water has electrolyte properties, adding to the body the necessary amount of water to support the process of fat elimination. Drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal increases body fat loss by 44%.


Made of protein and contains not too many calories, eating eggs creates a feeling of fullness for a long time, which will make your body not want to eat but lead to excess. So eating eggs is also a good way to support weight loss.

Kinds of bean:

Eating beans is a way to prevent cravings because in most beans there are balanced nutrients suitable for the body. Green beans, black beans, red beans are all very cool and support fat loss.


Rich in protein and low in fat, with high nutritional value, eating nuts such as cashews, almonds, peanuts, hemp seeds is also a good source of food for weight loss.

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3. How to exercise to lose belly fat in 1 week

Many exercises can lose weight for us to choose from such as HIIT exercises, gym exercises or it will be more interesting with street workouts. All exercises here should be practiced every day in the morning or afternoon when the body is most flexible. If you want to focus on promoting weight loss in the abdomen, you should choose push-ups or practice with barbells, combining the plank position with Hiit movements also puts great pressure on the abdomen to speed up the digestion process. effectively melt fat. Spend 1 hour practicing every day to get in shape quickly guys.

Summary and tips

Through the above information, we recommend that you combine moderate exercise with a reasonable diet, the results will surprise you. Above are the ways to reduce belly fat quickly after 7 days that we have summarized. Thank you for watching and following the article well, I wish you a successful application.


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